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Tensile Strength Equipments
To check the tensile and compression strength of steel and non-steel materials, our Tensile Strength Testers are the best instruments available in the market. They deliver accurate results and highly utilized for elongation, digital indication and electronic load measurements.
Industrial Ovens
For effective temperature testing, curing, sterilization and allied procedures, our Industrial Ovens are ideal to perform these under any conditions. Inferable to their unmatched highlights, they are utilized in mining, research and production industries. These have chambers, which come with temperature homogeneity.
Hot Air Ovens
These Hot Air Ovens are used to secure the packaging amid transportation period. They are immensely utilized in medical and textile industry. These have functional life frame, special structure and least handling alongside installation requirements. They can also endure higher pressures and temperatures for which the users require to configure the settings.

Muffle Furnace
Typically, our Muffle Furnaces are a heat treatment boxes that are utilized to changeover the physical characteristics at elevated temperatures. They are beneficial for laboratories of rice, steel, and paint. The main functions of our furnaces include ash determination, lime calcination, normal laboratory checking and coal analysis.
GSM Testing Machine
Our GSM Testing Machines are applicable on different products such as paper and fabric. They have automated switch that enables the workers to make samples in compliance with given length and size. These also have a control panel, which is safe from humidity, elevated temperatures and chemicals.
Textile Tensile Testing Equipments
The provided Textile Testing Equipment is fabricated in adherence with industrial standards to provide accurate output rate within short period. It is useful for knitted, woven and different kinds of fabrics. This is primarily utilized to test the color-fastness properties of any fabric.
Fabric Testing Instruments
Fabric is a simple material yet it comes tested for different properties before coming into the market. For such testing, we have Fabric Testing Instruments that aids in evaluating the length, fineness, strength and density of any clothing material such as polyester, leather, cotton and silk.

Paper and Packaging Testing Instruments
Packaging is an imperative element of any material or product. However, to confirm its strength and compatibility, we have Paper and Packaging Testing Instruments that can test tensile strength, adaptability, foldability and many more factors. They have a platform on which the paper material is supposed to be placed for immediate and accurate results.
Yarn Testing Equipments
For determining the properties of a yarn, our Yarn Testing Equipment is immensely used to measure moisture regain, diameter, thread count and tension. This can be used both for education and commercial purposes. It is small in size, which consumes minimum space to deliver immense and precise results.

Hot Plate
This Hot Plate range is a thermal, stable, and evaporative resistance measuring instrument, which is availed by numerous industries. The height can be adjusted as per the specimen for test it on different parameters.
As the tittle signifies, our Scientific Measuring Instruments are mainly installed in science laboratories and units. They are imperative for different functions and testing. These are accessible with sensors, calibration tools and humidity calculator.
Conditioning Chamber
When the companies procure materials from the vendors or the market, they generally test them of various grounds such as strength, performance and quality. For such operations, the customers can avail our Material Testing Instruments that complete their testing procedures in less to zero time.
Humidity Chamber and Incubator
The delivered Humidity Chambers and Incubators are pertinent tools for sterilizing and processing the materials for testing or final delivery. They have automated screen, soft key pads, and quality components that make them complete user-friendly. These are structured in tough metal material to resist humidity, pressures, chemicals and temperatures.
Scientific Tube Lights
These Scientific Tube Lights are specifically utilized in laboratories as they deliver certain quality and amount of light, which no other lights can deliver. They are safe from fire and have polycarbonate body that make them environmentally-friendly. These function in climate-regulated spaces with different ceiling heights, yet they will deliver consistent brightness to the whole area.
Footwear Testing Instruments
Our Footwear Testing Instruments will help the customers in making durable and strong footwear items. They are utilized to check the strength of fabric, rubber sole and laces. In addition, these can perform every relevant test, which is applicable in footwear development and design sector.
Universal Testing Machine
To check compressive and tensile strength of numerous materials, our Universal Testing Machines are immensely used by different industries. They are universal because these can carry out distinctive tests on variety of materials and structures. These are modular and adaptable to suit numerous customer’s requirements.
Rubber and Plastic Testing Instruments
Texcare Instruments Limited provides Rubber and Plastic Testing Instruments for evaluating the properties of plastic resins, pipes, tapes and many more products. These are robust and compact, which make them highly functional under all operational conditions.
Strength Testing Instruments
Strength is imperative for any material to last longer. Therefore, to estimate its value, our Strength Testing Instruments are utilized for fasteners, tubes, couplings, cables and allied materials. They are also applicable in estimating the pressure demanded to flip a cover, enclose a drawer and container.
Textile Dyeing Machinery
Are you seeking for specialized and adaptable applications? Our Textile Dyeing Machinery covers numerous applications for finishing and coloring of different fibers in distinctive forms, such as knitted and woven. In addition, they are versatile for varied color beam diameters.
Foam Testing Instruments
With foam, numerous companies make mattress, paddings and different products. And to test the strength and longevity factor of such material, they also use Foam Testing Instruments that are configured to carry out tensile and compression examination on mattresses and furniture.
Pet & Preform Testing Instruments
Our Pet and Preform Testing Instruments are delineated to examine the effect resistance of different plastic materials such as PVC, PE and HDPE. They are additionally utilized to estimate the adhesion permanence of numerous pressure sensitive items.
Garment Testing Equipments
With our Garment Testing Equipment, different textile companies can estimate the characteristics of substances on different parameters. It aids the workers to determine defaults in items or machines to enhance the overall standard and quality. Nevertheless, distinctive models can be delivered with some customized features only on special orders.
GSM Cutter
This range of GSM Cutters is used for precise cutting of fabric as per their gsm. These cutting apparatus consist of sharp blade with precise cutting edge. Compact in shape, this instrument is user friendly. Long service life is one of its key aspects.
GSM Scale
GSM Scales have wide application in rubber, textile, paper and also in other industries. These systems comprise of LCD display arrangement and standard working platform. Error free operation, easy operating system and long working life are their main features.

Gravity Balance
This range of user friendly Gravity Balance systems has been designed as per global specifications. Light in weight, these apparatus are energy efficient. Accurate dimension, long lasting quality, compact shape and ease of handling are the key aspects of these products.

Bursting Strength Testing Machine
Compact in appearance, this range of Bursting Strength Testing Machines is known for its computer controlled operation, compact shape and energy efficient mechanism. Production capacity of these apparatus varies as per their design and mechanism. 

Colour Matching Cabinet
Color Matching Cabinets are utilized to inspect colored products in paint making, automotive, paper and textile industries. Tube lights of these cabinets are separately controlled by electronic ballast for their quick starting and also to reduce their power consumption level.

Crock Meter
Provided range of Crock Meters is known for its ergonomic look and accurate dimension. Controlled by AC power, these apparatus have ss spring clips and traverse counter. Long working life, user friendly mechanism and high strength are their main features.

Fastness Tester
This array of Fastness Testers is used to determine colorfastness of specific fabric post washing. These testers contain silicon gasket, digital timer and digital temperature controller. Copper immersion heater is used to raise their internal temperate.

Swatch Cutter
This array of Swatch Cutters is required for precise cutting of leather, silicon, glass fiber and various other items. These cutting systems have different type of knives to suit exact production needs.

Abrasion Tester
This array of Abrasion Testers is known for its error free mechanism and up to 3 kg load bearing capacity. Developed from mild steel or stainless steel, these abrasion testing systems have up to 85 kg gross weight. Design of these machines conforms to DIN norms.

Pilling Tester
This array of Pilling Testers is offered in various specifications. Maximum weight of these testers is 100 kg. Rotational speed of these testers is controlled by geared motor. Long working life and simple operating method are their main aspects. 

Water Bath

This collection of Water Baths contain standard components like digital temperature indicator, controller etc. Entire structure of these systems is insulated with glass wool. Concave surface design and 90 degree operating temperature are their main aspects.
Box Compression Tester
Box Compression Testers offered by us are reckoned for their energy efficient mechanism and microprocessor controlled functioning. Driven by single phase AC motor, these testing apparatus have 50 Hz frequency range.

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